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Attention! Sulli is not Fucking Leaving F(x) so.. SHUT THE FUCK UP! By

SM stated that Sulli is going on hiatus.. not fucking leaving F(x) permanently. I actually knew that this was coming because being a Sulli biased, i can kind of sense exhaustion from her since last year. I try to put myself in her position and i seriously feel like shit and tired just from imagining what she must be going through. She’s 20 for fuck sake. 

Sulli fucking deserves this break and so is f(x). I believe that they made the right decision of ending Red light promotions because having F(4) perform will only make things worst. There’s no point on promoting when the media only cares about the truth behind what happened instead on focusing on the music. I know for sure that Krystal also need a break and especially luna when she sounded sick during her phone call on weekly idol. 

I’d rather wait a few more months for them to gather themselves and rest than have the members exhausted.

I Fully respect F(x)’s decision and i will continue on waiting and supporting the girls

F(x) Fighting!! 

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